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I had lost all hope of ever getting a loan modification or refinancing. Every time I tried, I would get through the process only to find in the end that I didn't qualify. When I received the call from Westwood Legal, I thought it was a return call from a company whom I had contacted. I became skeptical at once and almost hung up on them. They put me at ease by giving me some information that I had not heard before. They said give us a chance to tell you what we think we can accomplish and you are under no obligation to participate unless you decide on your own. At this point in my life I was desperate and disenchanted, but I was still cautious and afraid that I might get taken for a loop. However they called back in two days and reluctantly the plan was put into action. They kept me informed every step of the way. I was amazed when they told me that my payments had been reduced from $1638 to $748 on a 3 month trial payment that would become permanent once all the payments were made on time. That was a savings of $890. All I could say was WOW! WOW! WOW! Thanks Westwood Legal for being the company you said you were and providing reliable and trustworthy service to people who need your help. The results greatly outweighed the up front fees. You have earned my highest reccommendation and trust.
Chester W.

Posted 8/22/16, pay attention to the numbers

Chester was never too sure of his mortgage payment although he was close. The mortgage statement above is where he started out. The next item is a letter from his servicer, please take note of the barcode and number highlighted in the red box, the following documents are from the same letter.

"While the loan did not meet the requirements to qualify for any of these options, SPS is willing to make an EXCEPTION TO THE STANDARD GUIDELINES FOR YOUR CLIENT." The lender confirming in one sentence, no modification could have possibly take place here but we are making an exception for your client. Chester's review is 100% real.

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